May 20, 2024

Any there any other light lovers out there?

You are back home and have returned to a somewhat of a normal life, but there is one thing that you are missing from your trip to Alaska. It gets dark at home. Disappointing. And Rude.
You realize that you have not seen darkness in more than a week, and you think you could probably deal with that part of Alaskan summers. As you look back at your photos, you realize that there is no way to tell the difference between photos that were taken at 9:00 and and 9:00 pm.

The photos that have inspired your new life plan are some of the most intriguing. You are pretty sure that you want to live in a coastal town and own a boat of some kind. During one evening of that all inclusive Alaskan vacation packages trip you just returned from, you and your sister sat out on a bench overlooking the bay and watched as fog rolled across the water. Mimicking the motion of the waves, the boats also came in from their day on the water, and people prepared for the night’s festivities. The midnight fireworks over the water provided an interesting amount of natural light during one of the longest days of the years and if you did not know better you could think the fireworks photos were taken early in the morning. Minus the wight months of winter darkness, this Alaskan experience is the kind of life you think you could lead.

Luxury Wilderness Lodges and Fishing Vacations Offer a Special Kind of Experience

All inclusive Alaskan vacation packages, some of the which include luxury fishing lodges offer the most unique kind of travel. When you visit the northern most state in the union during the summer, the experiences, in fact, seem to never end. With something for everyone, it should come as no surprise that the list of activities on an Alaskan vacation includes things that are both common and unique:

  • 75% of people include shopping
  • 45% of people include viewing wildlife
  • 39% of people include day cruises
  • 34% of people include nature and hiking tours
  • 31% of people include sightseeing tours
  • 22% of people include museum visits

If you are someone who loves long days and lots of light, then a summer Alaskan vacation trip may be the perfect idea. From Alaskan fishing lodges to day long cruises, there are many ways to experience the Land of the Midnight Sun.

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