June 13, 2024

Any court markers and owners know how crucial it is to keep the field clean ahead of upcoming tennis events. The good thing is, with the right equipment, you can drag your infield easily. Some of the materials you require include drag mats, nail drags, infield eraser mats, and probably tractors. Maintaining your field does not only make it aesthetically appealing but also upholds safety.

Maintenance for Safety

Sadly, in most cases, people don’t pay much attention to maintaining tennis courts. However, it is essential to note that neglecting your court can see it become dysfunctional, which you should avoid by all means. Taking good care of your court helps it to retain its structure.

Tennis courts, being outdoor, are prone to harbor foreign materials. Things such as rocks, dirt, or sand can find their way to the court. Some of these things, like stones, are potentially harmful. They can even go as far as causing fatal damages, especially to the players.

To avoid incidences such as muscle strains, it is vital to get rid of any foreign material that should not be on the infield. By using drag mat, you drag any debris within no time.

Keeping it Clean for Beauty

In some cases, foreign materials in your field might even go unnoticed since they don’t, in any way, affect its evenness. However, as small as they may seem, they can also cause harm. You should maintain your tennis court to ensure that it retains the appeal it had since the beginning.

Your court may have things such as oil, which you need to clean immediately. If you don’t clean them in good time, you might be forced to use some more Har-Tru material on your court. Since oil cannot dissolve in water, not even the rain can save the situation. Use the drag mat early enough for maximum effectiveness.

How Frequent you Should Use a Drag Mat

There’s no rule when it comes to using a drag mat on your infield. The location of your court determines it. If the court is in the open, it is more prone to debris. Therefore, you have to clean it more often. Also, if the court is used from time to time, it would require frequent maintenance as compared to a court used once in a while.

Also, a change in seasons calls for change in the frequency of using your drag mat. For instance, during spring, you need to clean it more often than during winter since debris won’t be resting on ice anymore.

How to Best Drag Your Infield

When you follow the steps keenly, you will surely be pleased with the results. Here is a step by step guide on how to go about it.

Select Your Drag Carefully

Before doing anything, you must get the right drag mats for sale for your infield. Check out various drag mats for sale and choose one that best suits your needs. For instance, if your infield has heavy soils and no topdressing, you might consider steel mesh drag mats for sale.

You should consider cocoa drag mats for sale and drag broom for sandy infield skins that have a topdressing.

Slow but Sure

While dragging your infield, never be in a rush. Drag at low speeds, especially when making a turn. Ensure that the drag is about six inches away from the turf edges. Tackle the edges manually using a hand drag instead of a tennis court drag mat.

Observe the Right Patterns

Dragging in the wrong pattern can mess up your court in terms of drainage. You should always start with the high spots before proceeding to the lower areas.

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