July 17, 2024

White water rafting trips grand canyon

Nearly five million people visit the Grand Canyon each year. How many can say they have had a Colorado river rafting adventure? Probably not many, as most people only refer to their vacations as “adventures.” The number is actually just under 30,000 rafters each year.

Why Take a Colorado River Rafting Adventure Over a Walking Tour?

Despite popular opinion, the Grand Canyon is actually not the world’s largest or deepest gorge. It is about one mile down at its deepest point, and about 277 miles long. Which means the incredible views are part of what draws so many annual visitors, not its record breaking. The portion of the Colorado river that runs through the Grand Canyon is actually a very small remainder of the waters that created the gorge over what geologists estimate as roughly six million years.

Sounds Like Fun, But What About Those With Zero Experience Inside a Raft?

For the absolute beginner, it is helpful to know that some trips are easier than others. What this means is that some trips are so safe that even eight year old children can go on their very own Colorado River Rafting Adventure along with their grandparents and enjoy the beauty of nature with family. Trips are planned according to one’s level of experience and who will be attending, so there is no need to worry a trip might be too challenging.

Why Rafting? Why Not a Traditional Tour or Day Trip?

It might seem like more work than you would prefer for a vacation, but taking a break from the norm can be invigorating. Seeing the sights is always on the agenda for a vacation to a new location. But consider how much more exciting it can be to see something from a new perspective. This is what makes rafting special. A couple million people may visit the Grand Canyon each year to look down into that beautiful gorge, but only a small portion of them see it from the bottom.

A Colorado river rafting adventure probably sounds pretty neat, but like a lot of work. Would it not be easier to just go the traditional route? Yes, but remember that easier is not always better. It is in fact a way of skipping things to get to the end faster. Consider stepping outside of your comfort zone the next time you start planning a vacation.

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