July 17, 2024

How Buying a Mountain Bike Can Help You Stay Fit

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Now that the new year is not so new anymore at nearly 3 months into the year, now is a good time to take a look back at that fitness new year’s resolution of yours. So…yeah, how are things going? How about that New Year’s resolution?

If you fell off the wagon — or in this case, the mountain bikes — don’t beat yourself up too much. In fact, the majority of people who make new year’s resolutions fail to actually follow through with them. The good thing is that you don’t need new year’s, valentine’s day, bikini season, or your bro’s wedding as an excuse to get back in shape or back on the mountain bikes.

All you have to do is pick back up and get back on the mountain bikes!

Although there are many different ways to go about achieving a fitness new year’s resolution, mountain bikes sold at bike shops are a great way to help you get fit while actually enjoying your exercise. You’re way more likely to actually accomplish or even exceed your fitness goals if you’re doing an exercise that you like and that’s fun. That’s right, fun! Exercise actually can and should be fun!

Though biking is an intense cardio exercise, it can be modified and adjusted in order to accommodate the biker’s fitness level, so don’t be intimidated! You don’t have to become the next Lance Armstrong and ride on a bunch of triathlon bikes in order to get the result you want! You just have to keep at it and slowly build up your endurance in stamina and pretty soon, you’ll be giving Lance Armstrong a run — or a ride — for his money.

The great thing about mountain biking is that you’re exercising while immersed in the wilderness of the natural environment. It’s almost like killing two recreational birds at the same time! Not only are you exercising and getting your body right, you’re getting your mind right at the same time by taking in all the surroundings of being out in nature. So if one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to get fit and another was to spend more time out in nature, taking up the hobby of mountain biking is definitely a win-win situation for you!

Mountain biking doesn’t have to be the intense, die-hard, often slightly dangerous exercise you see on television!

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