April 21, 2024

Everything You Want to Know About First Time Skydiving

It’s difficult to describe how exhilarating first time skydiving is, but it’s impossible to deny that this experience is a little frightening, too. Those who have done it know that it’s a thrill unlike any other. Skydiving is a safe activity that’s been around for decades, and it’s been refined down to a fine science to make even novice jumpers feel secure and ready to embrace the experience.

A First Time for Everything

The first parachute was actually invented, at least in theory, by Leonardo Da Vinci when he sketched blueprints for one in 1485. But Da Vinci was famously ahead of his time, and parachuting didn’t become a recreational activity until the 1930s. In 2017 alone, approximately 3.2 million skydives were conducted.

For a first time jumper, skydiving seems intimidating. But parachuting is a thrilling and relatively safe activity, and it’s easy for newcomers to enjoy it.

Tandem Skydiving

For those experiencing a first time skydiving experience, the jump is conducted tandem-style in most cases. In tandem skydiving, a novice skydiver is securely strapped to an experienced jumper. The experienced jumper will ensure that the parachute is released safely and properly. The rigging around both the new jumper and the instructor will be equipped with at least one backup parachute as well.

You will receive thorough instructions before you go on a tandem skydive, and those instructions will be repeated to you immediately before the dive itself. Tandem skydiving allows you to enjoy the ride, and what a ride. The typical tandem fall lasts for 45 to 60 seconds, and you’ll be going around 120 mph on the way down.

During the day of your jump, you’ll have to remind yourself to keep breathing. Just keep breathing, and you will feel better. A lack of oxygen can make your muscles tense and even cause physical pain, so continue to breathe. Don’t be embarrassed if you’re afraid, because everyone is afraid the first time they go skydiving (and probably a few dozen times after that).

Go Jump out of a Plane

Skydiving is a popular activity, and there’s a strong online support network for those who want to engage with the skydiving community. Go online to find a list of skydiving drop zones, a directory showing safe landing sites for those who like to parachute out of planes for fun and sport. Some skydivers call these drop zones skydiving clubs.

Have Some Fun With It

What you’re doing is a lifetime experience you will never forget, so don’t forget to have some fun with it. Take pictures of yourself during the big day, and consider getting a video option. Many skydiving companies offer this, so you can have a copy of this life-altering event that you can watch (and share) over and over. Trust your instructor, trust yourself and allow yourself to be in the moment and enjoy your first time skydiving.

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