May 20, 2024

Burning Calories, Building Memories The Benefits Of Jiu Jitsu Classes For The Whole Family

Exercise looks a little different to everybody. What can be frustrating for one person can be enriching to another.

The great equalizer among physical wellness are martial arts. As fluid as a dance with practical self-defense techniques to match, the benefits of martial arts spans the entire globe. Make this the year you take your exercise routine somewhere truly special. The benefits of jiu jitsu can help you build muscle and discipline, two tools that will serve you well. The whole family can get involved in the thrill of a jiu jitsu class, burning calories while building memories.

What types of martial arts are out there? What are the health benefits? Find out what a jiu jitsu for beginners class looks like below.

Most people today have at least a surface knowledge of martial arts. These beautiful and complex techniques live on in the hearts of millions, descending from many thousands of years of history. They can help teach an individual how to defend themselves in a dangerous situation. They can add a more thrilling element to an exercise routine, pushing muscles to their limit. A 2016 study found nearly four million Americans over the age of six participating in martial arts training.

This is slowly becoming a more common occurrence. Exercise can be difficult to come by thanks to busy online ultram schedules and the convenience of electronics. A study asked parents about their biggest concerns for their children, finding two-thirds worry their child spends too much time on electronic devices. This extends to adults, as well — it was found less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity on a daily basis. Heart disease is currently the number one disease in the country, exacerbated by poor diets and low exercise.

The benefits of jiu jitsu will trickle into every area of your life. This goes for any other form of martial art, too, such as tai chi or kickboxing. According to the records of some historians, tai chi dates back several thousand years. The same 2016 study touched on above saw tai chi one of the most popular forms of martial arts for its graceful movements and powerful focus on mental health. A study of older adults saw 55% of tai chi students saying they felt more confident after taking classes.

Jiu jitsu originated in Brazil, soon taking the world by storm for its dynamic movement. While it emphasizes fighting techniques, it can also be used as a reliable way to teach discipline and burn calories. Just one hour of a moderate intensity martial arts session can burn up to 500 calories. The American Heart Association recommends children over the age of two engage in at least one hour a day of moderate physical activity. What better way to achieve the full range of benefits than with a scheduled course?

If you’re considering exercising more — or worry about your childrens’ health — sign up for a martial arts training course. In one place you’ll receive the opportunity to build muscle, teach your children valuable life lessons, and help them learn vital new skills. The Brazilian jiu jitsu basics focus on maintaining a good form and adhering to a rule set. Both of which can help increase a child’s confidence in mastering difficult skills, traits they’ll carry to adulthood. The strict schedule can also help take the burden of responsibility off an exercise regimen.

If jogging isn’t quite your thing and you don’t want to visit the gym, look to martial arts. The benefits of jiu jitsu will last you and your family a lifetime.

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