July 17, 2024

Archery course

If you’re new to hunting and shooting, there are a few things you should know. Hunting is actually a very popular activity that Americans engage in, with Americans hunting a combined 282 million days each year. That’s about 21 days PER hunter! Aside from hunting, fishing is another very popular activity for Americans. Over 38 million Americans hunt and fish.

Another interesting fact is that more women are hunting with firearms than before. In fact, according to research, 72% more women are hunting with firearms today than just five years ago. That’s quite the jump in numbers!

So if you’re thinking about trying it out yourself, there are a few tips you should know before. Here are four things to consider before going out hunting for the first time.

1. Be patient and go slow

If you’re going still-hunting, a good technique is to practice staying put for a selected amount of time, like 3-5 minutes, or even longer. One of the biggest mistakes rookies make with still-hunting is not staying in the same place long enough. You must practice staying still for a longer amount of time, and go incredibly slow when trying to hunt an animal. Staying put for that length of a time will teach you to be silent for long periods of time and thus make you an overall better hunter. It definitely does take practice to master, so be patient.

2. Always pay attention to shooting instructions

When traveling with a group or going with even one more person other than yourself, remember to listen to shooting instructions. Be sure to know when to follow and when to break apart from a group, and where to go to avoid competitors. If this is your first time hunting with firearms, you’ll need to pay very close attention to make sure you are using the equipment correctly to avoid injury.

3. Stay warm when going to a cold environment

When choosing to hunt in the winter or in a cold environment, be sure to dress appropriately. You’ll want to make sure to wear the proper gear when going on a cold-weather hunt, and you’ll also want to be sure your sleeping quarters (tent, cot, etc.) is warm enough. The top states for pheasant hunting can be some pretty cold ones, including Minnesota, Nebraska, and North Dakota.

4. Practice before you go

Perhaps before going out to hunt in the field, consider going to a shooting range for a little while beforehand to get to know how to use a firearm and how to aim, etc. This can help you build up your technique. You’ll get shooting instructions which will help you with your skill before going out on your first hunt.

If you feel you’re ready, you should go out an try your first hunt. Be sure to go with someone you trust and who is skilled in order to learn from the best and stay safe.

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