April 14, 2024

3 Reasons to Replace the Bleachers in Your Schools Stadium

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They might be far down on the list of things necessary for a sports team, but quality stadium bleachers can enhance the experience for a sports team and its fans. It’s one of the first things students, parents, and athletes on both sides will see when they arrive at your school. Making your stadium more visually appealing is not the only benefit to new school bleachers though. Here are three reasons you should upgrade today.

    1.) Popularity: Playing on a school sports team has always been a valued position of sorts. It’s estimated that around 35 million kids are involved in organized sports every year. Even kids that don’t participate directly get involved by going to games and cheering on their fellow classmates. The more comfortable and accessible your stadium bleachers are, the better chance you have of getting kids to come out and enjoy your schools sporting events.

    2.) Parents: For the most part parents have long been advocates of getting their kids involved in middle and high school sports. Many see it as a way to improve child development, and promote a healthy lifestyle with 75% of parents in the U.S. saying they encourage order ultram online pharmacy participation. Sports is also a great way for a family to grow and bond together. It provides discussion topics both parent and child will be interested and engaged in. Assuming of course the parent is present for games. Many adults suffer from issues like back pain that poor seating will only exasperate, and could cause them to avoid going. Make the decision easier for them by providing comfortable, quality stadium seating.

    3.) Safety: The most important reason of all. Depending on when your school was built you may have the same bleachers from the 70’s. Maybe earlier. Not only are they sure to be uncomfortable, but they are probably unsafe as well. For example, current Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards require guardrails on any bleachers over 48″ tall. Normal wear-and-tear from years of use can also create creaky steps, loose rails, and broken pieces. Avoid potential disaster by replacing old bleachers before an incident occurs.

New bleachers can not only make your stadium look new and efficient, but also help promote activity and participation in school sports overall. Depending on your school size and individual needs there are options to fit any situation.

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